David Gonçalves
David GonçalvesDesign Consultant

Hi, I’m David Gonçalves, a Design Consultant removing uncertainty in Product Development and helping organizations define their Product Visions and Strategies.

With 15 years of experience developing products at the intersection of engineering, digital technology and human needs, I will help you to iterate, prototype and succeed in building your Vision.

I hold a Master of Science in Transportation Design by the School of Art and Design of Coventry University and a Bachelor degree in equipment Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University, and I’m currently in sunny Lisbon, a vibrant new technological start-up hub, working with a great network of partners.

Recent Projects


Some of the companies and organizations I’ve had the pleasure to work with

Top notch professional in his field of activity. Apart of being full proficient developing industrial concepts, David has a deep understanding of overall technical details, allowing in to deliver outstanding quality design. Thanks David, from now on you are our designer for all this kind of works.

We had great experience working with David. He is a talented designer and an awesome team player. Great communication, very responsive and responsible. I’d definitely be looking for David for our next project. Thanks

Mosi Shuchman, EVEN - MeQ Inc.

I worked with David on two tasks. First he made design sketches for our robot’s shell, then he made the 3D CAD models to 3D print the design. He did an excellent job on both. He is skilled, delivers high quality and fast in his work. He asked good questions and gave useful input based on his experience which made improved the end-product. I will certainly hire him for future work.

Roel Noort, DECOS

David was great – he’s talented but also incredibly punctual and responsive. You could tell he engaged with our product and goals. He’s really added life to our design. We’re looking forward to working with him again.

Kelly Matzen, Oxitec