David Gonçalves
David GonçalvesDesign director & founder

David Gonçalves designs intricate products and innovative concepts for a better future.

Since he was young, he took an interest in biology, the way organic systems work and evolve in response to different stimuli. Along with a passion for science fiction, mechanical devices, and a natural inclination for drawing and construction of objects, the setting was laid up for what he does today.

His creative drive is to enhance the human condition and improve the built environment by having the least amount of impact on the natural environment. Solving existing problems, improving current activities and creating new behaviours.

David holds a Master of Science degree in Transportation Design by the School of Art and Design of Coventry University and a Bachelor degree in Equipment Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University and has an interest for many disciplines, such as computational  design, mechanical engineering, biology, automotive styling and transportation, and draws great inspiration from classic sci-fi and cyberpunk authors.

“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet”

William Gibson

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Design process & workflow


  • discover governing ideas and circumstances
  • dialogue
  • strategic planning
  • project plan & timeline
  • briefing


  • identification and selection
  • research
  • observe
  • brainstorm
  • benchmark
  • map
  • understand
  • analyze
  • synthesize
  • client requirements
  • user requirements
  • market and trend analysis
  • product strategy
  • product specifications


  • invention and judgment
  • research
  • ideation and sketching
  • concept design
  • scenario building
  • model making
  • visualization
  • concept presentations
  • mock-ups and models


  • disposition and evaluation
  • research
  • detailing
  • CAD modelling
  • prototyping
  • visualization
  • human factors
  • testing
  • evaluation
  • photo-real renderings
  • prototypes
  • product presentation


  • production
  • validation
  • documentation
  • sourcing
  • packaging
  • technical drawings
  • CAD models
  • production specifications
  • assembly manuals

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