Project Description

CANDLA – Votive Candle Stand

CANDLA is a mobile app that allows you to light candles remotely, in devotion to saints and other religious figures. The mobile app communicates with a dedicated device, the Candla votive stand.

The votive stand allows people to light candles in three different ways, you can light a wax candle in a traditional way, you can insert a coin to light one or more electric candles, and you can use the Candla app to light a candle instantly or schedule a specific time and day to light your votive candle.

The votive stands are present at different churches in Lisbon, Cascais, Oporto, Alcobaça and Madrid.

The concept was to have all three methods of candle lighting present in the same stand, and have a formal language that could be integrated in all kinds of churches, old and new, with classical or modern architecture.

Year 2016
Client Candla