Project Description

GRASSHOPPER – Electric folding urban bicycle studies

Grasshopper is a folding electric bicycle concept. It combines the portability of a folding bike with the autonomy and comfort of an electric bike. The particular way the Grasshopper is folded also allows for it to be transported as a trolley.

The aim of the design is to satisfy those who like to use the bicycle in normal day life, but live in places/cities where the configuration of the terrain is too severe. People can go anywhere without using the car, simply commuting and using the public transportation system, combined with the use of the Grasshopper.

The innovative features are the combination of electric power and a folding structure, the recharging of the battery through regenerative braking and at home while exercising. And all this in a format that still allows for an all-terrain use of the bicycle. The folding is made easy by the use of quick-release fasteners. It is easily adjusted to any height of a person. While at home the Grasshopper can be adapted with a support which transforms it into an exercise bike that produces electricity and can charge your electronic devices.

Year 2007
Award 5Th place – honorable mention
Competition 12th International Bicycle Design Competition – Taiwan