Project Description

year: 2014
client: YDreams Robotics

The MOnarCH project focus is on social robotics using networked heterogeneous robots and sensors to interact with children, staff, and visitors, engaging in edutainment activities in the paediatric infirmary at the Portuguese Oncology Institute at Lisbon (IPOL), Portugal.

My work consisted in developing the outer shell of the robot from initial concepts to final CAD model, taking into account human factors, component packaging, production within budget and aesthetics.

The MOnarCH robot has a non threatening overall stance, arms placed in a peaceful resting position, expecting feedback from humans. It has an upward face to maximize view angles and to reinforce feedback expectation feeling. The touch screen is placed at the maximum possible height for insertion on the body, and still be reachable and viewable by adults and kids.

Lisbon City Hall report about the Monarch project, featuring the project coordinator Dr. João Sequeira and IPO Lisbon Paediatric services director Dr. Filomena Pereira. (video only available in Portuguese).

Lisbon City Hall President António Costa, speaking at the “Lisbon, European Capital of Entrepreneurship – February 2015”, with one of the MOnarCH robots standing behind him.

Child at IPOL, interacting with one of the MOnarCH robots (named Gasparzinho by the children).
photo credits: M. Lopes – Lusa

Key concept taken into the development stage.

quick doodles – shape and proportion studies.

Body shape studies.

It’s Robot evolution!

Robot head studies.

CAD model (interior structure provided by IdMind).

Mechanical platform with sensors, projector and other electronics.