Design process & workflow

My Design Process is a proven data based iterative process based on a Human-Centered Design approach, usually known as Design Thinking. Data is carefully gathered, analysed and then translated into actionable steps at the Discover stage, to successfully bring the Product Vision into being. Possible solutions to the initial problem are created during the Deliver stage, and then are built, tested and evaluated in the last two stages, producing more data that is collected, and then fed back into the process in a new iteration until an optimum result is obtained.


The goal of this initial stage is to discover governing ideas and circumstances and produce a meaningful and actionable problem statement about the Design challenge.

It’s about understanding the problem and the opportunity, understanding the context and reason for the product’s existence.

It’s about gathering data and making sense from it by defining the Product Vision and Product Strategy.

Vision captures the essence of the Product and what the Product will be.

It defines the destination.

Product Strategy defines the journey and the achievable goals that work together to direct the team towards the desired destination.

In this stage we craft our competitive advantage, by synthesizing the diverse findings from our research into powerful insights that we use as guidance in the next stages.


Using the valuable Insights from the previous stage, and adding data from our User Analysis, we start to ideate possible solutions to the Design Problem.

We present these solutions in the form of sketches, digital renderings, diagrams, physical models and mock-ups, and usually we split the stage into two rounds. One round of initial concepts to create a formal discussion, and then a second round with refined solutions for the chosen concept that will be developed into functional prototype.

You (the client, the partner) will be riding along in this journey with us, so none of the deliverables will be a surprise to you. You are part of the process and co-design with us.

We’ll go over the different aspects of the project such as aesthetic, functional, technical and manufacturability solutions, and will decide together on the best conceptual direction to follow.


After a Design direction is selected, we can start developing it into a fully functional prototype.

In this stage the focus is on preparing the Design for an eventual production and we define every aspect of the product, select materials and colors, production methods and finishes.

We optimize the Design for manufacturability and assembly (DFM and DFA) and integrate the necessary components into our working 3D CAD models.

Depending on the complexity of the project, additional testing and simulation of particular parts may be necessary.
After we source all the parts and components, we assemble the prototype and perform user testing and evaluations, in order to get validation from Design, Engineering and Marketing standpoints.

If any negative feedback arises or changes need to be performed, a new iteration cycle is performed.


When we feel the product is ready for Market release, it’s time to hand it over to a manufacturing team.

If you don’t have manufacturing partners, we can help you identify the better suited ones for you.

We will release all files and documentation needed for manufacturing and we’ll take a more advising like role and guide you through the process of dealing with the manufacturing companies.

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